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  • Capturing history, one shot at a time

    Some children grow up wanting to be doctors, actors, professional athletes or business owners. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way that you have envisioned it in your mind. For some, that realization happens when they complete high school, and have to make a decision on the next step in their life.
  • Everyday Heroes

    Oursociety often has a preoccupation of raising up people to mythical levels. Weequate various groups of people with elevated morals, increased intelligenceand a naïve belief that those people are infallible from bad decisions. Lookno further than the public condemnation of your favorite actor or athlete whena personal struggle or a criminal
  • For Airmen, extraordinary things happen every day

    As military members, most of us understand we're a part of something special. I'm not sure I realized the full reality of just how unique our profession is until I stepped away from it. I didn't stay away long, but when I returned, it was with a new sense of appreciation.I served almost 10 years on active duty, but currently enjoy the privilege of
  • Got Courage?

    You may not have met Technical Sergeant Stephen McGrath, but he works in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal shop at Kadena Air Base. On Nov. 18, 2007 Sergeant McGrath was on a deployment in Iraq when an enemy force engaged him and a platoon of soldiers with direct small arms fire. He responded admirably under the pressure of this intense,
  • Holiday message to 5th Air Force Airmen

    As we enter this holiday season, many of us will gather together with our friends and family to spend time with those we love, celebrate our faith and reflect on what we hold dear.I ask each of you to also take a moment and reflect on what you have accomplished for our Air Force, our nation and this entire region. This year, 5th Air Force provided
  • Take care of yourselves, families and wingmen this holiday season

    With the holiday season fast approaching, Chief Master Sgt. McLean and I and the entire HQ PACAF staff and our families want to offer a sincere thank you to the entire Pacific Air Forces team--military, civilians and family members--who have enabled continued success for our command in the Asia-Pacific region in 2009.This time of year allows us to
  • This Veteran’s Day share the legacy

    We recently concluded our fall gathering of senior PACAF leaders where we were joined by Vietnam veterans Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Steve Ritchie and former Navy corpsman and Honolulu Advertiser publisher Lee Webber. General Ritchie is an acclaimed ace with five kills, and Mr. Webber defended against an enemy siege at Khe San for 77 days in 1968. In the
  • Airmen show commitment to Pacific in relief efforts

    Typhoons. Tropical storms. Earthquakes. Volcanic eruptions. Oh, and don't forget the tsunami. All of these environmental events struck the Asia-Pacific region from Sept. 26 to Oct. 7--15 major incidents, depending on how you count them. Considering I assumed command of 13th Air Force on Sept. 2, it has been quite a welcome to the Pacific Air Forces
  • General North Addresses Pacific Airmen

    Fellow Airmen, I am grateful to return to Pacific Air Forces and for the opportunity to once again serve alongside many friends, partners and allies in this vast and important region. It has been my privilege to serve among America's finest Airmen throughout the region and alongside our counterparts in the Pacific Command area of responsibility. I
  • COMPACAF announces kick off of Combined Federal Campaign

    Fellow Airmen, last year the men and women of Pacific Air Forces contributed via personal donations more than $2.3 million to the Combined Federal Campaign--their contributions helped make a difference through a multitude of charities. As Airmen, you live a voluntary lifestyle of serving others that truly makes a difference every day to thousands