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    Welcome to 5th Air Force

    5th Air Force, with headquarters at Yokota Air Base, Japan, is the U.S. Air Force's oldest continuously serving Numbered Air Force. The organization has provided more than 75 years of continuous air power to the Pacific since its establishment in September 1941.

    5th Air Force's impressive warfighting history led to its nickname as the Fighting Fifth, but its enduring presence today is intended to deter aggression and maintain regional stability.

    The 15,000 Airmen and Air Force civilians assigned to 5th Air Force and its three main bases partner with Joint services and counterparts from the Japan Self-Defense Forces to defend Japan, respond to regional contingencies, and enhance the half-century-old U.S.-Japan Security Alliance.

    Together, 5th Air Force and its Japanese allies are maintaining a clear and visible presence and ensuring a stable and secure environment in the Indo-Pacific region.


    Contact Information

    5 AF Public Affairs
    Commercial: 011-81-425-52-2510-5-2769
    DSN: 315-225-2769

    Yokota Air Base Operator
    Commercial: 011-81-425-52-2510-5-1110
    DSN: 315-225-1110

    Kadena Air Base Operator
    Commercial: 011- 81-098-961-1110
    DSN: 315-634-1110

    Misawa Air Base Operator
    Commercial: 011-81-176-77-1110
    DSN: 315-226-1110