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 5th Air Force Japanese Ink Image 5th Air Force, with headquarters at Yokota Air Base, Japan, is the U.S. Air Force's oldest continuously serving Numbered Air Force. The organization has provided more than 75 years of continuous air power to the Pacific since its establishment in September 1941.

5th Air Force's impressive warfighting history led to its nickname as the Fighting Fifth, but its enduring presence today is intended to deter aggression and maintain regional stability.

The 15,000 Airmen and Air Force civilians assigned to 5th Air Force and its three main bases partner with Joint services and counterparts from the Japan Self-Defense Forces to defend Japan, respond to regional contingencies, and enhance the half-century-old U.S.-Japan Security Alliance.

Together, 5th Air Force and its Japanese allies are maintaining a clear and visible presence and ensuring a stable and secure environment in the Asia-Pacific region.    

Fifth Air Force Mission, Vision, Priorities


The quickly changing strategic landscape in the Indo-Pacific is evolving with adversaries seeking to undermine a free and open, connected, prosperous, and secure region. To meet these challenges, Fifth Air Force will strengthen our commitment to our alliance and partners to deter aggression – and to fight and win in the event deterrence fails as One Team, One Fight!


Our Mission

Fifth Air Force supports the defense of Japan, advances U.S. interests, and promotes broader Indo-Pacific security and stability by advancing air, space and cyberspace capability and integration to ensure U.S. Air Force forces are ready to respond rapidly to crisis or contingency.

Our Vision

Fifth Air Force Airmen are resilient, lethal warfighters who build partnerships to advance interoperable air, space, and cyberspace capabilities in order to ensure the stability and security of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

Fifth Air Force Priorities

Readiness: Train and exercise for agile employment against the most complex threats across the spectrum of potential conflict in order to ensure the capability to compete, deter, and win.

Strengthen Alliance and Partnerships: Advance the Alliance and multinational mission areas ensuring readiness, agility, and access for a coordinated, rapid response to any regional challenges.

Care for Airmen and Families: Nurture an environment of dignity, respect, and connectedness where all can achieve their full potential while taking care of families.

Key Lines of Effort

Readiness: Operations, activities, and investments in preparing 5 AF to execute emerging mission tasks

U.S. Joint Air Operations: Integrate U.S. joint air operations to ensure effective response to crises and contingencies

Bilateral Operations: Advance full spectrum bilateral operations (air, space, cyber, ISR, logistics)

Resiliency/D&I: Promote resilience and permeate diversity, inclusion, and connectedness



5 AF Shield Blazon
Azure, the constellation of the Southern Cross consisting of five mullets Argent, between a comet, the head a hurt charged with a mullet charged with a torteau encompassed with a flaming trail arced to sinister three streamers of the third, the Arabic number " 5" Or; all within an annulet of the like, all within a diminished bordure of the last. Attached below the disc a White scroll edged with a narrow Yellow border and inscribed "FIFTH AIR FORCE" in Blue letters.

Blue and yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations.  Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel.  The small stars suggest the constellation, Southern Cross, and also reflect the unit's heritage of World War II campaigns in the South Pacific islands.  The Air Force star insignia on a comet with three tails represents the aircraft markings of the unit and denotes three primary missions: bomb, fighter, and airlift.  The numeral "5" reflects the unit's numerical designation.