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Cope North 24: Spoke location spoken words

  • Published
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs

As Cope North 24 continues, multinational participants are operating out of dispersed locations in the Indo-Pacific to improve capability and capacity for agile combat employment operations. Despite the geographic separation, Allies and partners are collaborating and integrating to create an asymmetric advantage. 




“With minor setbacks we have successfully launched multiple sorties and proved the limitations of the KC-135 and what is required to be completely self-sufficient in an uncertain environment,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Tim Shenk, Cope North 24 Saipan detachment commander.  

“We hope that in future Cope North exercises, we can send partner aircraft to Saipan to ensure everyone is getting the training and experience of forward deploying in this environment. The next major conflict will not be successful without the integration of our partnered nations and without these crucial multinational exercises, we cannot ensure everyone is operating off of the same playbook during execution.” 

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