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Delivering the Goods

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Joao Marcus Costa
  • 35th Fighter Wing

It’s almost like a mini-Christmas when you order something online just to forget all about it until you get that message saying it showed up. That excitement that was felt upon first order begins to creep back up.

The 35th Force Support Squadron postal team ensures that members of Team Misawa can receive the satisfaction of having a package delivered day in and day out.

With a team consisting of Airmen, a steady support of local Japanese workers and volunteers, the team at the post office provides a vital service that Department of Defense members use extensively while overseas.

“Weekly average for packages coming into Misawa ranges close to 4K packages outside of the holidays,” said Master Sgt. Alexandria Verissimo, 35th Force Support Squadron postmaster. “Volunteers are crucial for our operation, as they allow our Airmen to focus on other additional duties and personal development opportunities enhancing their mission.”

In a usual day, the post office will receive a truckful of packages and mail from anywhere in the world. The team then sorts everything that came in before filing it onto the shelves and messaging the customers to pick it up. It’s a year-round operation with the continuous goal of providing outstanding customer service.

To continue developing new ways to serve the community, the post office launched a new service to improve the quality of shipping out packages for the holidays called, “Sunrise Shipping”. If customers have five or more packages to send, the post office will take them in an hour before opening hours and assist in sending it out.

“We try to come up with new ways to help the customers coming in, such as Sunrise Shipping,” expressed Airman 1st Class Kiana Farm, 35th Force Support Squadron postal clerk. “It has helped customers ship their packages throughout the holiday season with ease by not having to wait in line and getting it all done in one go decreases the stress of mailing.”

This idea came with the intent of helping customers any way they can, especially in a remote place like Misawa. As a rural and foreign place, it might be hard to get the amenities from back home that service members may need. For members on base the only option to get these items may be by ordering them through the internet.

Funny things come in and out of the base all the time. My husband received holiday cookies he used to eat from his grandma. Because we’re pretty secluded here in Misawa, sometimes the only sense of home we receive is through a package.

With the upcoming holiday season, the post office will only get busier and busier. It might even seem like Santa has a job at the 35th Postal Office as the influx of gifts and packages starts flooding through their door. To prepare for this, the post office implements temporary holiday hours and accepts holiday volunteers to help with the increased workload to ensure everyone's packages make it home and Santa has some help delivering the goods.