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  • A life well lived...

    As the sun dances across the room, glaring off the origami hanging from the ceiling, Dennis Provencher looks upon his framed photo and world record certificate of recognition with pride while explaining to the service members how and why he earned it.

  • Walking with the Green Feet

    The Airmen of the 31st Rescue Squadron provide invaluable rescue services and conduct training, ranging from fast-rope rescue drills over land and sea to practice insertions by parachuting from aircraft. Those that do the job perform their duties quickly and effectively, but they could never pull it

  • It’s a hard bark life

    An overlooked part of the Air Force’s enlisted force happens to walk on four feet, rather than two. These fearless warriors are trained to get into areas the human body can’t, to make sure there’s no danger present to their counterparts.

  • A living testament to Kadena’s heritage

    From living in the barracks and shining shoes at nine years old to having the respect and admiration of nearly a dozen generals. After more than 50 years of service to the U.S. military, Tatsuo “Jimmy” Schwartz has solidified his position as a large part of Kadena’s heritage. Jimmy has been around

  • Rising up

    Kenichi Shimajiri, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron fire inspector, rose in the ranks from the role of a firefighter to 18th CES fire inspector.

  • What happens when someone is accused of sexual assault?

    U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Albert Perez Oyola, 18th Wing Legal Office NCO in charge of Military Justice talks about the steps involved in a sexual assault case.What is the first thing that happens when someone gets accused of sexual assault?The Air Force Office of Special Investigations initiates a